[Bug 25759] noise (sound not video) when moving cursor or window with a x300 ( rv370 m22 ) integrated card

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Sun Jan 3 01:19:50 PST 2010


--- Comment #11 from moebius <moebius1 at free.fr>  2010-01-03 01:19:49 PST ---

I've partially solved  the problem by inserting in xorg.conf the option 
NoAccel : no more noise !!!! (but so long compiz and good morning for 
slow window redraws)
So, after finding that solution,  I've tried XAA accel instead of EXA 
but with noise again.
It's strange because this card is supposed to accept acceleration....
Is it possible to accel a little bit less the hardware to avoid noise ? 
perhaps is it a silly question....

With this new result, does someone has a better idea ?

Thank for your past (and  future) help

Anyway, I'm glad to have obtained this result, even if I want more !


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