[Bug 30349] GA-MA78G-DS3H (F9d) & Radeon 4730 system suddenly, but not quite randomly, softresets

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Sun Dec 19 22:27:30 PST 2010


--- Comment #18 from Sergey Kondakov <virtuousfox at gmail.com> 2010-12-19 22:27:30 PST ---
you maybe right. i will watch for my voltage (i haven't noticed any
fluctuations beyond ~0.05 on some) and stress machine some more (`mplayer -vo
xv` on killer-videos didn't triggered reset) but i will not go for Catalyst
since that thing never ever worked for me: even if i was able to get picture
from it - it glitched, crashed graphic apps, freezed X, freezed system and
i haven't BSODSes(tm) with ati driver on Windows(r) but it's just unreliable on

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