[Bug 30349] GA-MA78G-DS3H (F9d) & Radeon 4730 system suddenly, but not quite randomly, softresets

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Fri Dec 17 19:05:18 PST 2010


--- Comment #16 from Sergey Kondakov <virtuousfox at gmail.com> 2010-12-17 19:05:18 PST ---
i wasn't thorough but all fluctuation i noticed were in ~0.05 range. i'm also
never had reset while using mplayer, only vlc. main difference between mplayer
and vlc on my system is that mplayer configured on "gl" output while looks like
vlc using "xv". i'm also were thinking that maybe vlc doing some funky stuff
with its memory, judging by how many memory management related options it has.

i must notice that i have underclocked and undervolted CPU (constant 2618Mhz
instead of dynamical changes up to 3100Mhz; constant 1.25V instead of
1.25-1.35V ranging, or whatever its stock values). i had to do it because
1) my heatsink is bad and i'm a scrooge
2) compiling with 3-5 "jobs" of big stuff with it working full-power can make
temperature go up ~95-100*C
3) stupid Windows(r) heat-rapes my CPU at its very boot-screen.

1) my resets triggered by very specific programs doing specific things
2) load-agnostic
3) if it hardware protection mechanism triggers the reset in a first place then
disabling MCE in kernel should not have any effect but i didn't get a singe
reset yet (this i will test more further and try to post vlc log from some
"offending" video).
4) in both(all) of my cases 2D GPU-accelerated graphic is involved.
5) it doesn't smell bad yet and running 24h/7d non-stop.
makes me still believe and hope that players-triggered resets and hw
corruption-triggered resets are two separate issues.

i mean, what video player could do with hardware what all other things on
Gentoo and Windows(r) couldn't ?

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