[Bug 30349] GA-MA78G-DS3H (F9d) & Radeon 4730 system suddenly, but not quite randomly, softresets

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Wed Dec 15 21:16:38 PST 2010


--- Comment #14 from Sergey Kondakov <virtuousfox at gmail.com> 2010-12-15 21:16:38 PST ---
oh, don't tell me i'll have to replace a device at a christmas eve in forth
time in a row :\ i've installed APC UPS ES 525 with "surge protection" function
almost same time i built that setup (PSU is brand [FSP Group] new, not a year
old even) and this is supposed to be that "solid capacitors", polymeric stuff
(my Radeon X4730 is also have its power lines filled with those, and it's of
newer, less power-hungry revision).
if this is not enought for damn thing to live at least few years without
failure than i don't know what is.

sure, with shitty CPU cooling on hot Athlon [Brisbane, 65 nm, 89 TDP] 6000+X2
(60*C idle, ~85*C at full load) and anomally hot (~40*C) summer it were in
rough situation but it has never, ever failed at load. this is Gentoo, after
all. and a gaming station wuth HD LCD.
it only failed in those specific conditions i described even with near-zero
load (what's peny non-HD videofile or mixed 2D/3D ~15 years old game game for
such thing?)

no, i refuse to admit hardware failure unless damn thing goes down in flames,
or at least starts BlueScreen(tm) Windows(r) at 100% CPU & GPU load.
there is something fishy going on. if i will get any resets while MCE disabled
i will report.

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