[Bug 31845] hang on setting video mode without kernel modesetting support

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Tue Dec 14 09:39:17 PST 2010


--- Comment #4 from Elmar Stellnberger <estellnb at gmail.com> 2010-12-14 09:39:17 PST ---
 Well, with the newer 2.6.36 kernels of openSUSE/tumbleweed the situation is
like the following: It boots up normally even with kernel modesetting keeping
both monitors in function, but then when I try to start an X-server kernel
modesetting fails  completely: My external screen is suddenly blackened and the
color palette of my integrated screen is in the a.. showing pixelry but no
cognizable output.
  So please keep UserLevelModeSetting working! Kernel modesetting will probably
not start to work for longingly long epochs. It is always a bad idea to purge
support in favour of a prospective feature that yet does not work. People want
to work with Xorg now and yet! Older versions are so often not an option due to
other flagrant bugs. To me support of an external monitor is coactively
necessary as I do not have an own desktop computer but a desktop monitor and a
desktop mouse and keyboard as used with a smaller-displayered notebook... and
believe me all those guys who have a notebook want to plug it one or another
time into their TV to show photos or watch a film - so this is nothing marginal
nothing less than a feature of all-out usage, a feature that should not be
payed less attention to than implementing new 3d-features used only by a
limited number applications. At least people hate to loose something that was
already known to work!

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