[Bug 27529] [rs690m] Graphics corruption with ati x1200

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Fri Dec 10 07:30:35 PST 2010


--- Comment #33 from d4ddi0 <stillcompiling at gmail.com> 2010-12-10 07:30:34 PST ---
After a few days of perfect operation I have seen a new example of corruption:
playing "The Ur-Quan Masters", which uses an openGL backed SDL drawing context.

This is with gentoo ~amd64 (xorg-server (mesa 7.8.2), gallium ati
driver from git, libsdl 1.2.13, and uqm 0.6.2.
Running xfce/xfwm window manager.

Steps to Reproduce:
Start uqm
(settings resolution 1024x768, either fullscreen or windowed)
Corruption is evident in the main menu as some of the menu entries are garbled.
Select Super Melee for even more spectacular garblement in the ship selection

I could not reproduce this with classic mesa.

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