ForceTVOut option in KMS

Sergej Pupykin ml at
Wed Dec 8 14:16:24 PST 2010

On 09.12.2010 00:41, Alex Deucher wrote:
> It should probably be renamed to "9-pin_DIN-1" since grub doesn't
> parse spaces correctly when passing the parameters to the kernel.
I replaced it to dot.

Now my tv-out ( works 
with "video=DVI-I-1:1280x1024-24 at 60e video=9-pin.DIN-1:1024x768-24 at 60e"

I am still wondered why UMS detects TV but KMS does not.

Do you know if DRM maintainers will rename connector name or which 
bootloader treats spaces correctly? lilo, grub2?

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