R600/KMS: clock gating inconsistencies

Yang Zhao yang at yangman.ca
Tue Sep 29 08:21:13 PDT 2009

2009/9/29 Luca Tettamanti <kronos.it at gmail.com>:
> while looking at the sources of r600/kms driver I noticed a possible
> bug in the "dynclks" code path.
> The kernel driver always executes DynamicClockGating ATOM table (via
> radeon_atom_set_clock_gating); the DDX drivers (both of them) instead
> execute EnableASIC_StaticPwrMgt while DynamicClockGating is executed
> only for chip families < R600.

DynamicClockGating is a no-op on r6xx/r7xx.

Yang Zhao

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