[Bug 23970] Xrandr issue on ATI ES1000

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Sat Sep 26 18:23:41 PDT 2009


--- Comment #11 from chongzhangscu at gmail.com  2009-09-26 18:23:40 PST ---
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> can you post xrandr --verbose?
> I suspect its an xrandr bug but need to see the verbose.

Thanks airlied

I tried to investigate bug 23970, and found radeon driver will step into
radeon_crtc_set_origin instead of radeon_crtc_mode_fixup, mode_prepare,

However, in radeon_crtc_set_origin, radeon driver fails to set DAC_CNTL2 to
enable TVDAC, and also CRTC2_GEN_CNTL and so on.

Then I try to add code in radeon_crtc_set_origin and force driver to execute
mode fixup, mode_prepare and mode_commit (both crtc and output), then radeon
driver can run xrandr command right.

But I think it is not set_origin's responsibility to enable CRTC_CNTL and
DAC_CNTL, I just wanna why radeon driver introduced radeon_crtc_set_origin and
its role in xrandr panning?

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