Problems with TV-out on a Macbook Pro

Stefan Monnier monnier at
Wed Sep 2 14:07:37 PDT 2009

Has someone managed to get TV-out working on a Macbook Pro?  Without any
option in my xorg.conf, `xrandr' only shows me the LVDS and a DVI-0
output.  This outpout works well when I plug a VGA monitor via Apple's
adapter, but when I plug the "DVI to Video adapter" (which has both an
S-Video and a composite output), xrandr tells me that DVI-0 is connected
but has no modes.

If I try and manually set some modes (mostly trying the ones I found on, my TV (connected via the
composite output) shows some garbled output (maybe just a lack of sync:
I can barely make out some shapes that relate to the content of my

`xrandr --output DVI-0 --set tv_standard ntsc' complains that
tv_standard is not a known attribute (and indeed `xrandr --verbose'
does not list it).

If I try to use the "Option ATOMTvOut TRUE" in my xorg.conf, the
behavior is basically the same, except that I additionally get a 3rd
output in xrandr, named S-Video, which always says "disconnected".
If I force it to be considered as connected (with "Option ForceTVOut
true"), and then activate it, my TV screen (still connected via
composite since it doesn't have an S-Video input) stays blank.

See if you want to
see the Xorg.log.  Has anybody seen something like that?
Found a solution for it?


PS: I'm using Debian testing on this machine.

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