[Bug 23508] CRT Refresh rate wrong

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--- Comment #11 from Mark Cooke <markcooke666 at yahoo.co.uk>  2009-09-02 11:19:16 PST ---
(In reply to comment #10)
> my monitors often report a slightly different refresh than the mode would
> indicate.  So for example the modeline would indicate a 75 Hz mode, but my
> monitor would claim it's actually 74 Hz or 76 Hz, etc.

Because of rounding in the OSD?...but a difference of 3 can't be due to
rounding alone.

> Either should work.  The only thing that may be a problem is reduced blanking
> modes.
> You can use gtf and adjust the timings as well.

OK, I'll try with gtf tomorrow.

> It could likely be the pixel clock.  Some monitors are very picky about the set

How does any of that (some of which I'll have to google to understand fully)
account for different behaviour with exactly the same modeline with exactly the
same hardware?  Surely the same line should produce the same timing?

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