[Bug 23508] CRT Refresh rate wrong

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Wed Sep 2 10:21:27 PDT 2009


--- Comment #9 from Mark Cooke <markcooke666 at yahoo.co.uk>  2009-09-02 10:21:27 PST ---
Quick response!...and thanks for the help.
Both distro's Modelines are exactly the same.

Please excuse me for being dense, but what do you mean by perceived clock?

I've tried the modeline that cvt (and your comment) suggests for 1400x1050 @85
and that doesn't appear to have made any difference either.

Shouldn't the timings from gtf be used anyway though?  CVT didn't exist until
2003 (or so googling tells me) and my monitor was made in 1999 so wouldn't the
two be incompatible?

I'll try upping the timings (maybe using gtf in the first instance?) gradually
to see if I can get 85Hz out - but how far can I safely go before I'm at risk
of frying my monitor's circuitry? ;-)


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