[Bug 24587] HD3470 mobility hangs (more or less randomly) with KMS

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Fri Oct 23 04:08:55 PDT 2009


--- Comment #11 from Stefano Carignano <scary.moo at gmail.com>  2009-10-23 04:08:55 PST ---

> Glxgears also seems to cause it to
> hang after a few seconds.

Hm! You sure about that ? I have tried running glxgears for a couple minutes
and have gotten no hang so far.. although when I launch it I get a warning
about IRQs not working correctly and I can see that both X and glxgears itself
start sucking all of the cpu (~50% glxgears, ~50% X). Is that to be expected?
BTW, I'm getting ~1500-2000 fps.
If I recall correctly, I had a problem with opengl apps (say, mplayer -vo gl)
hanging up the system some time ago, but only when KMS was /not/ enabled.

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