[Bug 8898] 2D rendering is slow but 3D is fine on radeon driver

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--- Comment #12 from Sebastian Redl <wasti.redl at gmx.net>  2009-10-19 08:30:52 PST ---
This sounds exactly like the problem I'm experiencing on my system. Kubuntu
9.10 pre-release, 1.6.4-2ubuntu3 xserver, driver reports:
(II) RADEON(0): Built from git commit 7968e1fb89f6b59d1654df48249bf4b81990c008
EXA is enabled and claims to be active, same for DRI.

The video card reports itself as
ATI Technologies Inc RV516 [Radeon X1300/X1550 Series]
This is a cheap 256MB X1550 AGP card. Not particularly reliable.

The system is an Athlon64 2GHz, 3GB RAM, running a 64-bit kernel and userland.

While glxgears chugs along with 11000 frames every 5 seconds, 2d rendering is
absurdly slow, and the Xorg process eats up all the CPU. Most affected seems to
be Thunderbird, which takes up to four seconds just to repaint after being

I'll attach the conf and log in a moment. 

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