[Bug 24406] Background and full screen apps don't show up when Normal Visual Effects on (Radeon 7500)

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--- Comment #3 from Emmanuel Touzery <emmanuel.touzery at free.fr>  2009-10-17 04:00:24 PST ---
I reported bug #24074 which appears to be the exact same problem.
I confirmed that going to an older version of mesa also fixes the problem (as
well as reducing resolution) so the regression might be in mesa only.

However I would like to try that virtual setting that you suggest, but on my
computer there is no xorg.conf anymore, the installer doesn't create it
anymore. This is ubuntu.

Can you put a sample xorg file that I could copy there to test this? I use
1280x1024 at 85, ATI driver.
On ubuntu dkpg-reconfigure xserver-xorg used to create an xorg.conf but
nowadays it doesn't anymore and I don't know how to create it (I tried Xorg
-configure but Xorg is running and if I kill it it respawns instantly, not sure
how to prevent it to).

Or maybe there's another way than with xorg.conf?

NOTE: since I use 1280x1024 if I understand well for me the virtual would only
increase my resolution to 1280x1280 which is not much more, so this might
already prove that the virtual is not the main reason of the problem.

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