Multiple monitors

Paul van der Vlis paul at
Tue Oct 6 03:16:41 PDT 2009

Rafał Miłecki schreef:
> 2009/10/5 Paul van der Vlis <paul at>:
>> I would like to use multiple monitors. I use Asus M4A78 PRO mainboards
>> with AMD 780G/SB700 chipset and integrated Radeon HD 3200 Graphics.
>> This mainboard has a VGA and a DVI port. Can I use that for dual screens
>> with OSS drivers?
> Google for xrandr. Note that for not KMS you will probably need to
> specify Virtual size. For example for two monitors:
> 1024*768 and 800*600, one by one horizontally you will need to
> manually specify virtual size:
> height = max(768, 600) = 1024
> width = 1024 + 800 = 1824
> As I said, Google for it :)
>> When I add a PCIe card with HD 3450 chipset I cannot use the integrated
>> graphics anymore. In the manual they tell about "surround view". Is this
>> possible with OSS drivers?
>> I am interested in multi-seat systems too.
>> Do you know about setups for multi-seat systems with ATI/AMD and OSS
>> drivers?
>> I would like to have hardware accelerated 2D. What version of X/kernel
>> do I need as a minimum?
> kernel 2.6.31 or newer, suggested X server is 1.7, as it contains some
> improvements to EXA. However 1.6 will also work fine.

Thanks for your help!

Paul van der Vlis.

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