[Bug 23106] mplayer -vo gl:yuv=6 segfaults r300_state.c:r300SetupTextures() (mesa

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Mon Oct 5 07:41:16 PDT 2009


Thierry Vignaud <tvignaud at mandriva.com> changed:

           What    |Removed                     |Added
            Summary|mplayer -vo gl:yuv=6        |mplayer -vo gl:yuv=6
                   |segfaults                   |segfaults
                   |es()                        |es() (mesa
            Version|unspecified                 |7.5

--- Comment #4 from Thierry Vignaud <tvignaud at mandriva.com>  2009-10-05 07:41:15 PST ---
whereas it still affected mesa 7.7 a couple weeks ago, today's snashot now
looks "fixed" (aka no more segfault but black window instead).
Note mesa 7.5.2 still exhibit the exact same segfault.

Summary (tested today on RV350 AP [Radeon 9600]):
- 7.3: OK
- 7.5: BROKEN
- 7.5.2: BROKEN
- 7.6: OK
- 7.7: OK (as of 20091005)

Here's the diff between not working 7.5.2 and working 7.6:

@ -182,17 +182,34 @@
 OPTION ARB_precision_hint_fastest;TEMP coord, coord2, cdelta, parmx, parmy, a,
b, yuv;TEX yuv.r, fragment.texcoord[0], texture[0], 2D;TEX yuv.g,
fragment.texcoord[1], texture[1], 2D;TEX yuv.b, fragment.texcoord[2],
texture[2], 2D;TEX result.color, yuv, texture[3], 3D;END
 [gl] Program statistics:
 [gl]   instructions: 5/16384
-[gl]   native instructions: 5/128
+[gl]   native instructions: 5/96
 [gl]   temporaries: 8/256
 [gl]   native temporaries: 8/32
 [gl]   parameters: 0/64
-[gl]   native parameters: 0/16
-[gl]   attribs: 0/12
-[gl]   native attribs: 0/11
+[gl]   native parameters: 0/32
+[gl]   attribs: 3/12
+[gl]   native attribs: 3/11
 [gl]   ALU instructions: 0/16384
-[gl]   TEX instructions: 0/16384
+[gl]   TEX instructions: 4/16384
 [gl]   TEX indirections: 0/16384
 [gl]   native ALU instructions: 0/64
-[gl]   native TEX instructions: 0/64
+[gl]   native TEX instructions: 4/32
 [gl]   native TEX indirections: 0/4
 [gl] Resize: 720x416

Note that the register total has changed...

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