Bug#529178: xserver-xorg-video-radeon: Monitor turns black for 2 seconds regularly when using dvi port

Florian flad at gmx.at
Mon May 18 13:41:23 PDT 2009

>> After buying a new monitor (Dell 2209WA, running on 1680x1050 at 60Hz)
>> I am facing a severe problem when the monitor is connected via DVI:
>> Whenever something happens on the screen (like moving windows,
>> scrolling in the web browser, or output scrolls in a terminal, just
>> to name examples), the monitor turns black for about 2 seconds,
>> then it comes back. Sometimes its kind of harder to trigger, but
>> most times it happens just all the time, rendering it completely
>> useless. VGA works without problems, but is of course no solution.
>> I thought that the card might be broken but it works using the
>> propietary fglrx driver (I tried 1:9-2-2 from non-free testing).
>> This is also no solution because -it's propietary -the version now
>> in unstable does not support the card anymore -I don't want to use
>> non-free packages.
> Does: Option "DisplayPriority" "HIGH" in the device section of your
> config file fix it?

Unfortunately it does not (tried with current testing version of radeon
driver only).

Long version, if it matters: It worked for some minutes after restarting
the xserver after the change. Then, after a reboot, the same behaviour
returned (and will stay from now on). I saw this several times already
before, that after changing something in xorg.conf and restarting the
xserver, it seemed to work, but after (another?) restart it stopped
working again. Anyway, that's not reproducible. Sorry for this fuzzy
information, but it seems worth mentioning...



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