[Bug 19943] HD3650: Output defaults to HDMI, can't switch to DVI

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^^ to which release version does this fix apply?

I have a similar effect on my Radeon HD2400Pro:

Connected a Dell 3007WFP at the Dual-Link-DVI connector and a Iiyama Vision
Master Pro 510 (22" CRT) to the VGA connector. During boot of Kubuntu Jaunty
both monitors show the loading screen and also both monitors are used when in
text mode (I guess it is cloned automatically by the card itself). But as soon
as the KDM comes up only the big Dell with 2560x1600 comes up, the CRT goes

In the Xorg.0.log I read:

  XRANDR name: HDMI-0
  Connector: HDMI-B
  DDC reg: 0x7e50
(II) RADEON(0): Output: HDMI-0, Detected Monitor Type: 0
invalid output device for dac detection
finished output detect: 0

So I guess here (as the card has a real HDMI connector between the DVI-I and
the VGA) the driver doesn't recognize the VGA connector at all and invalidates
the CRT monitor before all other things.

I also tried the FGLRX driver and with that I can display something on the
second monitor, but the configuration is a mess and requires various xrandr
calls (unable to create a working correct layout using xorg.conf) and it is not
able to exceed 60Hz refresh rate on the CRT which is really bad.

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