[Bug 20021] Can't configure 3 monitors with radeon X1650 cards.

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--- Comment #2 from Ancoron <ancoron at chaoslayer.de>  2009-05-18 11:12:48 PST ---
Well, where to start here.

Basically this is not a driver bug (the logs are fine from that point of view).
This is more of a "how to configure" topic that belongs to one of the various
forums out there.

In addition you assume to configure multiple screens (on multiple cards) using
xrandr, but that is a no-go as RandR dosn't support multiple video cards yet.

Your xorg.conf is missing a lot of information. It doesn't even define all
monitors used (google for randr config) and in all your Xorg.0.logs there is
never a second screen defined in the used xorg.conf (second screen always
commented out in ServerLayout?).

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