[Bug 16537] radeon R485 (mobile 200m) gets garbled display when resuming from resume to ram (s3 state)

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Thu May 14 09:22:10 PDT 2009


--- Comment #16 from Paulo Dias <paulo_c_dias at ig.com.br>  2009-05-14 09:22:09 PST ---
Last night i've downloaded teh latest avivotool, aka radeontool from airlied
git and performed a state dump for regmatch, i2c and romtables, before and
after the suspend. The suspend worked but with the already state of affairs,
the garbled screen. i'm using kernel 2.6.29 with kms/ddx, mesa and radeon
driver, all from glisse git tree.

the only activated radeon configuration in my xorg is pageflips and backing
store (same behaviour with or without this settings).

the new attachment is called "states from avivotool aka radeontool"

please comment on this, this bug is very hard to catch and VERY annoying :P

best regards and keep up the good work, dri2/kms is a marvel to use already :)

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