Want dual head, but no big virtual desktop

Stefan Sassenberg stefan.sassenberg at gmx.de
Mon May 11 03:19:28 PDT 2009


I recently upgraded to xorg version 1.5.x. Before the upgrade, I 
configured my RV370 to have two displays, one for each connector 
(DVI/VGA). That doesn't work anymore and I read, that I can use xrandr 
to set up dual head.

xrandr works fine and being able to use it while X is up is awesome, but 
I now have a big virtual desktop. I need independent desktops, so that 
for example I can switch a video to fullscreen on the VGA display while 
working on the DVI display where I still, for example, need to switch 

Is it still possible to have separate displays like I had?

Best regards


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