[Bug 21535] X crashes with SIGSEGV in xf86_reload_cursors() with SWcursor

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Mon May 4 13:45:01 PDT 2009


Tormod Volden <bugzi07.fdo.tormod at xoxy.net> changed:

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                   |buntu/+source/xserver-xorg- |ugs/371405
                   |video-ati/+bug/371405       |

--- Comment #3 from Tormod Volden <bugzi07.fdo.tormod at xoxy.net>  2009-05-04 13:45:00 PST ---
Commit 7d85169c7ab1d05c21fdbb2877ffd79f344dbb6b (from master) does not apply
against server-1.6-branch which these guys are using, and I don't think the
same typo can be found in the old code anyway. Any chance for a 1.6 fix?

BTW (for understanding the bug triaging practices) why is this bug Notourbug?
If it is fixed in xserver it would be Fixed, no?

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