[Bug 19943] HD3650: Output defaults to HDMI, can't switch to DVI

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--- Comment #18 from Ancoron <ancoron at chaoslayer.de>  2009-06-26 04:54:22 PST ---
With commit 96581746eea2f4e29a04f9266ec9649f25480424 of 'src/radeon_atombios.c'
in git master my problem reintroduced, as my card gets identified with a HDMI
type B connector and so doesn't get into the appropriate if-clause to enable
the VGA output.

I think we need a special hook for cards like mine. However it seems to be not
very easy to reliably determine which cards do have what connectors exactly
(e.g. here we have another one like mine that from a completely different
vendor: http://www.gecube.com/products-detail.php?prod_cat=22&prod_id=66443).

my PCI-IDs:
- sub-vendor: 18bc
- sub-device: 3550



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