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--- Comment #1 from Gilad Arnold <arnold at cs.berkeley.edu>  2009-06-17 09:56:51 PST ---
I can confirm this behavior. Happens at least with xf86-video-ati versions 6.8
to 6.12.2, xorg server versions 1.3.0 to 1.5.3, running an r250 chip on a
Thinkpad T40/T41 with 32-64 MB of vram. While driving both internal LVDS and an
external DVI, and under heavy video load (easiest way to reproduce is to scroll
a large window) the DVI would go blank as described.

Few more facts: neither an LVDS nor an external VGA driven by the same crtc go
blank (only the DVI does). Blanking only happens with hardware acceleration. It
does not happen when more vram is present (tested on a T42), so it looks as if
this is related to vram allocation or bandwidth problem. It does not happen on
lower resolution modes, specifically when the DVI resolution does not exceed
the LVDS one.  Tried prioritizing video bus in several different ways, to no

Would be happy to provide more data upon request.

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