[Bug 21553] snow and flashy lines on rs690

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Fri Jun 12 10:39:07 PDT 2009


--- Comment #30 from etbsb1 at gmail.com  2009-06-12 10:39:06 PST ---
New bug filed, 22256

The quirk that seems fixed for me involves some artifacts on window decorations
after waking up from hibernation. After waking up, I used to see some
horizontal lines a few pixels away from window top and bottom edges and some
odd shapes at the corners of 3D buttons and such.

My workaround was to restart the gtk-window-decorator process using the command
"gtk-window-decorator --replace".

That minor issue seems to have gone away in the current git master revision.

Git is new to me, by the way. I don't yet know how to obtain the git version to
be more specific. 

Thanks for plugging away at this!


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