[Bug 21683] EXA on radeon chip seems to trigger serious performance issues

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--- Comment #27 from Pedro Ribeiro <eusou15 at yahoo.com>  2009-06-08 04:46:06 PST ---
Hello, i didn't know if I should open a new bug, but I decided to post in this
as it is very similar.

I'm using xorg 1.4.2 with radeon 6.9 (Debian Lenny 5.0). 

I have serious 2D performance issues with EXA enabled.

The following programs have performance issues:
GNOME with openbox as window manager, maximizing and minimizing windows makes
Xorg use up to 40% cpu, depending on window.

Word 2003 with wine 1.1.22 - Xorg uses 100% cpu while typing.

When I use XAA the CPU usage with both programs goes down a lot. But 3D
performance is much better with EXA - 10-20 fps difference @ 1280X800 in

I'm going to add the following attachments:
-2 screenshots comparing EXA and XAA, maximizing and unmaximizing a window in
-2 screenshots comparing EXA and XAA, Word 2003 under wine typing performance 
-2 Xorg.log EXA and XAA
-my xorg.conf

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