[Bug 21553] snow and flashy lines on rs690

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--- Comment #21 from etbsb1 at gmail.com  2009-06-02 10:51:42 PST ---
No joy. Or at least, less joy than I hoped for.

radeon_drv.so 6.12.2 still exhibits display corruption for me. At first it
seemed better. It ran without any issues the first day. But as I was about to
file an update this morning, the problem returned.

One thing I noticed today when I rebooted to a different kernel version: the
display corruption persisted even after X apparently shut down. During
shutdown, when the display switched to a text console, the plain text became
garbled. Even the BIOS POST and boot screen were garbled. The console text
cleared up when the GRUB menu ran.

As I type this my display is quivering from side to side, with portions of my
browser window shifting several pixels left and right. 

I'm trying to take some pictures of my screen. I'll upload a snapshot if I get
one that shows the problem.

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