[Bug 19232] [OpenSUSE 11.0] - Can't set some resolutions using 'xrandr -s ' or '--mode' commands

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--- Comment #10 from Alex Deucher <agd5f at yahoo.com>  2009-01-28 07:09:09 PST ---
(In reply to comment #9)
> After some gao, i got some time to look into this:
> - I commented the "Use Modes" line, but this time, i just get only 3 basic
> resolutions available!  800x600 etc
> - This time tried with Ubuntu-8.10, i get the same problem.
>   --I can't set some higher resolutions above some value, say 1240x1024.
>   --In my Ubuntu's xorg.conf file, i don't even have the "Use Modes" line
>   --The Virtual value set is 'Virtual 2048 2048'
> Any thoughts? or it is the limitation of the card?

There are no limitations in the hw with respect to modes for the most part. 
Try removing the monitor and modes sections in your config.  your monitor
provides an edid so you should be getting all of the montior's supported modes
via the edid.  Also, don't use xrandr -s.  That's a randr 1.0 command and the
backwards compat code in the xserver doesn't always do the right thing since
xrandr 1.2 support multiple outputs.  use:
xrandr --output DVI-0 --mode <mode name>

Please post your new xorg log and config after remving the monitor and modes
sections if you are still having trouble.

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