[Bug 18871] [RV100 QY] Blank screen unless glx disabled

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Fri Jan 23 11:59:36 PST 2009


--- Comment #6 from Jeff Trull <jetrull at sbcglobal.net>  2009-01-23 11:59:35 PST ---
OK, I've retried, and it's still the case that none of the "AGPMode" variants
work.  I also tried restoring the BIOS defaults, and then varying the AGP
multipliers in both BIOS and xorg.conf, to no avail.  I added changing
"AccelMethod" "EXA" into the mix but that made no difference.  Finally I
noticed a comment somewhere on the web regarding aperture size.  Although my
BIOS aperture size setting was 64M, a kernel message (from agpgart-amd64)
indicated it was 32M.  Unfortunately changing the BIOS aperture size to 32M,
and then subsequently to 128M, made no difference either.

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