[Bug 19406] Blank Screen, X freeze on my notebook ( Ati Mobility 9600 with radeon driver), ONLY with X.Org 7.4

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Wed Jan 7 10:12:39 PST 2009


--- Comment #4 from Simon Groot Bramel <simon at grootbramel.net>  2009-01-07 10:12:37 PST ---
OK. I calmed down a bit ;-) And here is what I did:

My goal was OpenSuSE 11.1, so I reinstalled it.
Guess what...? It just didn't hang.

So I used the system for about three reboots long and then (I believe it was
the only time that I appreciated a System freeze) it started again.

I deleted everything concerning "dri" (the Load "dri" line in the modules
section and the complete section "dri").

Then I added "Option "AGPMode" "1" and it worked. With an AGPMode of "2", "4"
or "8" it didn't!

For test reasons I added the DRI lines again and had greater 3D Performance.

I attatched the conf files

I did NOT attacht the Xorg.log because there is no point to have it with a
running system, is there?

Thank you again!

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