[Bug 23390] xrandr 1.2 and initial Virtual size

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--- Comment #7 from kapetr <kapetr at mizera.cz>  2009-08-30 01:22:09 PST ---
(In reply to comment #6)
> > BTW - o You think, that with KMS would be possible to set video mode like
> > 2048x768 ?! And it would set up dualhead mode ?
> Not sure what you mean, but with KMS you can dynamically and arbitrarily change
> the virtual screen size up to the hardware limits.

I mean - today I set my resolutions and dualhead configuration with xrandr, and
if I had understand the sense of KMS, in future this would by done by kernel
itself - Xorg just will call some kernel function (if user will request e.g.
resolution or dualhead configuration change).

Also my question is - how to set/change graphic output parms (virtual size,
dualhead config.) BEFORE Xorg comes up ?
Maybe if dualhead is set up correctly before X, then it stays correct also
after Xorg starts. 

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