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Thu Aug 27 15:08:01 PDT 2009

>>>>> "Michel" == Michel Dänzer <michel at> writes:

>> The only thing in the logs
>> when that occurs is evdev's report that it is quiting.

Michel> Anything interesting in dmesg or in the X server stderr output?

No, nothing there.

>> It looks like the code paths which are used when there is no
>> composite manager have not been debugged yet.

Michel> Again works fine here, server-side fonts are fine in xterm. I
Michel> suspect your initial issues are at the kernel level, e.g. with
Michel> moving TTM buffer objects into / out of VRAM.

I'll have to wait until I recompile the kernel (again) to check
the radeon.test output.

On the XV front, I did find 7131 instances of:

CS section size missmatch start at (radeon_textured_videofuncs.c,RADEONDisplayTexturedVideoCP,221) 46 vs 52
CS section end at (radeon_textured_videofuncs.c,RADEONDisplayTexturedVideoCP,307)

in the stderr of one of my KMS x sessions.

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