[Bug 18707] "unable to allocate texture" running various 3D apps

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Fri Aug 21 04:07:13 PDT 2009


--- Comment #17 from Ľuboš Katrinec <lubos.katrinec at gmail.com>  2009-08-21 04:07:13 PST ---
Hi, may I ask if you're still experiencing the problem? Because I do and it's
really painful (even 2d performance is quite slow in some cases, dri is
enabled). Now gentoo closed support for proprietary ati-drivers - fglrx.
Opensource driver radeon does not work as should - I'm still getting
"[driAllocateTexture:635] unable to allocate texture" when trying playing 3d
games. There are also other minor gpu related issues. Is it ok that even that
Ati M 9600 is quite old card there are still such issues?
Do I have to open new bug?

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