ATI 9100 IGP TV Out - brightness control?

Mark Knecht markknecht at
Mon Aug 10 16:38:08 PDT 2009

   I'm successfully using the newer Open source Radeon driver with my
3 Asus Pundit-R 9100 IGP machines. All 3 PCs drive different older TVs
using their S-video inputs. This was something that for years I had to
do with the ATI driver and am now very happy that it works so well
with the Open Source driver.

   One thing we are finding with this new driver is that the overall
color level of the picture using S-video only is MUCH darker than the
older fglrx driver. Even with the brightness turned all the way up on
the TVs it's still doesn't get to the level that the older ATI driver
did with brightness at a midrange setting. I'm wondering if there is
possibly some settings in the xorg.conf file that might be able to
improve this?

   Note that this is NOT a problem for the same driver driving a
normal monitor - it's only dark using the TVout.


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