[Bug 19215] cursor corruption when moving over vertical 'strips' of the screen

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Tue Aug 4 12:00:31 PDT 2009


--- Comment #32 from Ancoron <ancoron at chaoslayer.de>  2009-08-04 12:00:27 PST ---
Well, I have to add something here.

Shortly after the corruption appeared (around an hour or so) the cursor changed
into a square as I moved the cursor from one screen to the other. Additionally
the cursor moved with a delay and not smooth at all. After that the keyboard
was inaccessible and logging in via SSH remotely (which took quite some time) I
saw that Xorg was using almost all CPU (dual-core AMD X2) and what I was
curious about was that even 'top' was using very much CPU (~20-60%).

The system didn't come down correctly after issuing a 'shutdown now' so I had
to hard-reset the system.

Although the mouse pointer was movable (hardware cursor) the system didn't
respond to anything.

My current setup:

                  xorg: 7.4~5ubuntu18
          xserver-xorg: 7.4~5ubuntu18
xserver-xorg-video-ati: 6.12.99+git20090729.2b9a5be3-0ubuntu0sarvatt~jaunty



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