[Bug 23085] Radeon KMS: XGetImage very slow, as is Firefox scrolling

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Sun Aug 2 09:31:56 PDT 2009


--- Comment #7 from Joel Feiner <jafeiner at gmail.com>  2009-08-02 09:31:56 PST ---
One last note: 2d performance is generally on the slow side, especially with
Qt4 apps.  I see much slower redraws in all apps to handle exposure events. 
Qt4 is particularly bad, with this process taking upwards of a second or more. 
Window resizing seems to be okay, though.  Performance when running a
compositing manager (xcompmgr in my case) is about the same as without one. 
KWin's compositor is still slow, but also not slower than it was on the older
version of X (non-KMS, non-DRI2).

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