Initial R6xx/R7xx Mesa 3D driver

Alex Deucher alexdeucher at
Fri Apr 17 11:49:46 PDT 2009

This is a quick email to announce the release of the initial 3D driver
for R6xx/R7xx hardware.  It's available on the r6xx-r7xx-support
branch of mesa:

To test this branch, you will need updated drm kernel modules and
radeon drm headers from the r6xx-r7xx-3d branch of my drm tree:
This will be moving to the main drm tree soon.

We will be syncing this code up with the work going on in the
radeon-rewrite branch of mesa over the next few weeks.  For now you
can get it on the r6xx-rewrite branch of my mesa, tree:
This will shortly be moving to the main mesa tree soon as well.

Many thanks to Richard Li and Cooper Yuan as they have done most of
the work on this so far.


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