Frequent crashed on XPress200M

Clemens Eisserer linuxhippy at
Mon Oct 27 14:03:30 PDT 2008


While testing my XRender based Java2D backend on an XPRess200M chipset
with radeon git (about a week ago) with xorg-git (same time) I
experience frequent crashes on a Turion64 based HP laptop.
What I did was running Java2Demo with my XRender pipeline and a
patched JDK7:

It works really well, but at some point (2-5min after starting) the
screen turns into random garbage and the system does not respond
On a laptop with mobility radeon x700 it is perfectly stable.

Is this problem already known, and if not any idea what I could do about it?
Its not my Laptop so my possibilities are limited.

Thanks you in advance, Clemens

PS: The render implementation of the radeon driver is remarkable.
I tested on X700 and the Xpress200M and it seems to me I am not
hitting a single fallback, without a single rendering problem across
all apps I've tested - unlike on many other open-source and
closed-source drivers.

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