[Bug 16781] Lockup when starting with second screen attached

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Sat Oct 25 00:18:12 PDT 2008


--- Comment #4 from Friedrich Gräter <graeter at hydrixos.org>  2008-10-25 00:18:11 PST ---
Today I played a little bit with my configuration and using the recent GIT

Still, starting with a second head attached won't work. However after starting,
the X server fails and all screens will be black, but I can use my keyboard and
I'm able to execute commands from the shell. Running dmesg doesn't lead to any
informations - it just looks like a normal startup, but the X-Server fails
somewhere without any failure message (the Xorg.0.log is still the same as the
one attached to the bug).

Today I tried this additional configuration, without success:

        Option          "DisplayPriority"       "High"
        Option          "DefaultTMDSPLL"        "on"
        Option          "DefaultConnectorTable" "on"

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