TV in on old AIW card

Kevin PCKS at
Fri Oct 17 09:03:38 PDT 2008

I have an AIW Rage 128 Pro, AGP. In the past I have used the GATOS 
modifications to XFree86 and Xorg (up to about 6.7) to use the tv tuner 
on the card (using xawtv). According to the Gatos site, the tv-in code 
was merged into xorg starting at ver 7.0. I am currently using the xorg 
packages that come with Slackware 12.1, which (Slack says) is ver 7.3 
(xorg-server-, xf86-video-ati-6.8.0). I just get " no video 
grapper device available" and "/dev/video0 no such device...".

I have looked through the archives back to Jan 2007, and all the FAQs I 
could find, but have not found much useful info on this subject.

Are there some special settings in the xorg config file that need to be 
set up get the tuner working? or is there no tv-in support for the r128 
in xorg 7.3?



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