[Bug 12626] Interlaced modes broken in latest git

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--- Comment #68 from arvidb at kth.se  2008-10-09 14:19:55 PST ---
I've had similar problems getting VGA->Scart (PAL RGB) to work. 

I have found one and only one way of getting a picture on my TV: add a PAL
compatible mode in xorg.conf (not with xrandr), but make sure X starts with a
non-interlaced mode on the VGA output (e.g. the automatically added
1024x768 at 60Hz VESA mode). This gives me an un-synced scrolling picture on the

Then use xrandr to change to the PAL mode added in xorg.conf.

Any other procedure (starting X with the PAL mode set from the beginning or
adding the mode with xrandr) just gives me a black screen (with sync if the
mode I set is PAL compatible, without sync otherwise, but always just black).
And the TV seems to display whatever it is sent even if it cannot sync to the
signal, so it is probably sent a black picture by the graphics card.

When it works, the mouse pointer is shown in the wrong position on the TV: at
half the y position compared to the correct position. (I.e. if I want to click
something at the bottom of the TV screen I have to position the mouse pointer
in the middle of the TV screen.) The mouse pointer is not visible in "black

Using "X Window System Version 1.3.0" and xf86-video-ati-6.9.0 (or
ati-git-080929; same result).

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