Bug#495367: xserver-xorg-video-radeon: Radeon and RadeonHD drivers do not allow 2560x1600

franckr franckr01 at online.de
Sun Oct 5 01:40:01 PDT 2008


Just to update the situation with the new sid drivers and todays git.
Basically git regresses compared to actual sid drivers (more black video

[Tested drivers]
- sid: xserver-xorg-video-radeon 1:6.9.0-1+lenny4
- git: downloaded on 5-Oct-2008 git clone

[Result notations]
- F=flicker, means, the screen appears shortly, then turns black,
  reappears shortly...
- B=black screen, screen does not appear at all (based on min. 1 min
- Ok=works fine (based on min. 1 min test).

Resolution Frequency: results
2560x1600 59.9: sid=B  git=B
1920x1440 60.0: sid=W  git=B (many monitor messages 'entering power
save' but in fact never enters)
1600x1200 85.0: sid=W  git=B
1280x1024 85.0: sid=W  git=W
1280x768  60.0: sid=F  git=F
1024x768  85.0: sid=W  git=W
1024x768  60.0: sid=W  git=W
Note: All above video modes are listed by xrandr.


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