[Bug 14844] Hard system lock with textured video

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--- Comment #7 from Alex Deucher <agd5f at yahoo.com>  2008-03-27 14:11:57 PST ---
(In reply to comment #6)
> Device section of the xorg.conf in question:
> Section "Device" 
>         Identifier      "X1600Pro"
>         Driver          "radeon"
>         Option "AccelMethod" "EXA"
>         Option "MigrationHeuristic" "greedy" 

You shouldn't need the migration heuristic option now that the driver has EXA
composite support.

> EndSection
> As I wrote in the previous comment, git head with drm either spins or locks up. 
> I understand that this is an incomplete report, will post something useful next
> time. I'll try git-head also on an PCIe RV570 later this week for comparison.
> I have several questions regarding testing so that its results will be most
> useful:
> Can AGPMode option and agp-related BIOS settings help in rv530 case?

The bios options may be useful eventually, but the problem is the chip on the
card that bridges AGP to PCIE has to be set up properly to translate between
the two interfaces.

> Is libdrm recompile needed? 

You'll new to rebuilt that in order to compile the latest kernel modules.

> What binaries depend on libdrm? Should they be recompiled too?

You don't have to worry about them.

> Does X server version matter?

In this case, no.

> Does (linux) kernel version matter?

Only in that you need the headers from your current kernel in order to build
the latest drm from git.  Depending on the age of your kernel and what your
distro has included/changed, you may have to make some minor changes to get
things to build properly.

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