[Bug 12626] Interlaced modes broken in latest git

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Sun Mar 23 10:24:55 PDT 2008


--- Comment #46 from Andy Burns <freedesktopbugz at adslpipe.co.uk>  2008-03-23 10:24:54 PST ---
I realised I hadn't done any non-interlaced tests, in the case of my TV it
doesn't support non-interlaced modes, but I have the CRT monitor available, so
I tried 640x480 mode with it, this works fine (with and without my patch, and
as expected fails to produce a valid display if I make my patch *NOT*
unconditional instead of checking for V_INTERLACE)

It seems to me from looking at the register dumps by Michael Haas and from
debug prints I put into the driver that *something* has halved the values of
vertical registers for interlaced modes, presumably this is happening when the
mode values are calculated (or adjusted) rather than (at the stage I inserted
my hack) when they are poked into CRTC registers.

I tried a git bisect, but rapidly ran back to versions of the driver that the X
server refused to load (version compatibility with my server or drm module?)

Also I've looked "by eye" at the diffs between
but the "merge and fix conflicts" in 
are a bit too much for me to follow manually, so much other development has
happened since that change, makes it difficult to follow code that has been
split into other files.

Perhaps this problem only affects certain cards, any clue how I can proceed

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