[Bug 12626] Interlaced modi broken in latest git

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--- Comment #32 from Andy Burns <freedesktopbugz at adslpipe.co.uk>  2008-03-14 13:42:50 PST ---
Just to note this is affecting my Radeon X550 after upgrading to Fedora 8 
this has worked fine from fedora5 to fedora7

I'm using VGA->SCART to a PAL TV on the VGA port (port 0) nothing connected to
DVI or STV ports (1 and 2)

What is actually being displayed is the odd scanrows from the top half of the
screen double-scanned then a thick black + thin white vsync pulse in the centre
of the screen followed by the even scanlines from the top half of the screen

The top half of the screen though shown twice, is not shrunken in height.

I confirmed the double-scanning by setting a special wallpaper which consists
of (G)reen/(M)agenta/(B)lack pixels as follows


normally this gives a horrid interlaced flicker, but I used it previously to
demonstrate that interlace is working properly.

With 6.8.0 the top half of the display shows as pure


and the bottom has as pure


I can't get any joy using the xrandr trick as suggested above

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