[Bug 16441] Display is washed out on 2nd monitor - ATI ES1000 chipset

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--- Comment #16 from Adalbert Müller <Adalbert.Mueller at kontron.com>  2008-07-31 07:00:49 PST ---
Hi Alex, Hi Goeff,

I'm working together with Goeff to investigate and to solve this problem with
the ES1000.
Currently, I'm in contact with ATI to get an solution for this. Currently I
have a updated VGA BIOS where the connector issue you mentioned is fixed.
Now, there are two VGA ports defined.

Unfortunately, this doesn't solve the problem with the washed out.

I did some investigations under Windows XP to see, how the register settings
are here. What I can see is, that the content of the register is changing,
depending on the configuration (monitor attached to 2nd port or not).
In case of a connected monitor, the value is 0xe0490223.
If no monitor is connected, the value is 0x00490203.

Looking into the available register description, the main reason for the faulty
display is the DAC output standard. As Goeff has show in his register reading,
the default after starting the driver is 0x00000000. In order to get a
reasonable picture, I have to change the DAC2 output standard (bits 9:8).
According to the datasheet, 00b means it's configured to PAL, 10b means PS2.
Setting to PS2 let the image become normal. This fits also to the settings seen
under Windows.

Starting the machine without the graphical environment, the result is
0xe0490223. So, the default after boot up seems to be correct. I havn't yet
downloaded the driver to search for the piece of code which is changing the
register. Do you have an idea? Is this intended somehow?

Best regards,

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