Samsung 460 DXn screen

Rob Kramer robk at
Wed Jul 30 23:48:46 PDT 2008

Hi there,

I'm trying to get a Samsung 460 DXn screen up and running with the radeon 
driver (and the radeonhd driver, but that's a different list I guess). The 
screen has an embedded PC with a X1200 chipset. The screen is black when I 
start X with either driver. I found an IRC log [1] where someone has the same 
screen, and a developer provides a patch to get things to work. <agd5f, 

Patched similarly [2], I do get an image, but it is shifted left. Normally a 
modeline would fix this, but whatever I specify seems to be completely 

The Xorg log has a line that reads "Mode 1360x768 - 1520 790 9", which might 
indicate that it picked a mode with horizontal and vertical totals that don't 
match anything I supplied.

My questions:
- Can I use some xorg.conf setting instead of the patch?
- How can I tweak the mode?

I've pastebinned my config file and the X log file at




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