Unable to get a successful resume on a MacBook Pro 1,1

Javier Marcet javier at krausbeck.org
Wed Jul 16 04:26:54 PDT 2008

Hi there,

first of all I'd like to congratulate the devs for the great work you're 

I'm still wondering how you could manage to get Textured Video without 
flickering while using Compiz, with DRI1!!!

Furthermore, I never had such a good video playing performance ever on this 
laptop with fglrx. No more tear downs!!

On the bad side, I am unable to do a suspend/resume cycle in a reliable way.
I tried all the quirks I could find, I also tried disabling uvesafb, the 
irqpoll kernel paramater, but still no success.

The tests were done on 2.6.24 .25 and .26.
I had tried around three weeks ago and the results were the same.

By default, hal lists this laptop with only one quirk, vbe-post.
With fglrx I was also using s3_bios and had not a single problem suspending 
from X.

Is there any one with suspend working on a MacBook Pro 1,1 (X1600)?
Any special measure taken?
The most I've got is one suspend cycle to work, but after resuming, the VTs 
are black and I can't repeat it anymore. Even then, it only works some times, 
usually with vbe-post and vbestate-restore.

Whether I use uvesafb or not doesn't seem to matter, although uvesafb reports 
that the VBE get state call failed on VT switching and the state restore call 
failed on the couple times I got it to resume.

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