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Again, I send a reply only to one person.
I'm sending here his reply, including my original question.


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Subject: Re: r128 or new card
Date: Lunes, 7 de Julio de 2008 10:29
From: Corbin Simpson <mostawesomedude at gmail.com>
To: Alberto Hernando <pajaro.go at gmail.com>

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Alberto Hernando wrote:
> El Martes, 24 de Junio de 2008 20:32, escribió:
>> Gears Is Not A Benchmark. :3
> Hi.
> Back to this... After reading this:
> http://wiki.cchtml.com/index.php/Glxgears_is_not_a_Benchmark
> I want to ask: is it (still?) true that the driver does no job in 3d, and
> it just loads Mesa? Is that really why cpu is so busy?
> Alberto

Well, the CPU is basically being asked to do this:
1) Push display list out to card.
2) Wait for card to finish drawing list.
3) Go to (1).

Since the card doesn't really have to do much, it ends up burning up CPU
time, and so the end result is basically a measure of how fast your CPU
can send commands to the card. That's why we use it as a quick test of
direct rendering.

That's also why it isn't a good benchmark; it doesn't work your GPU at all.

~ C.

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